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Coping skills program helps social service workers reduce stress, trauma after disasters

An intervention called Caregivers Journey of Hope can help social service workers—especially those with the least experience in the field—to mitigate the stress and trauma they may experience when they’re helping community members recover from disasters, a new study found.

Social isolation stresses rodents

The traditional method of housing mice and rats alone increases stress and worsens epilepsy, according to a new study published in eNeuro. The added stress could complicate results of pre-clinical drug trials. Rodents are typically housed alone to prevent aggressive

Distinct social profile and high ASD risk, 3q29 deletion survey finds

A survey of 93 people with 3q29 deletion syndrome reveals a distinct pattern of social disability and anxiety, even without a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. The results were published online in Molecular Autism on July 16. Geneticists at Emory

Increases in social media use and television viewing associated with increases in teen depression

A new study by a team of CHU Sainte-Justine and Université de Montréal scientists has revealed that social media use and television viewing are linked to increases in adolescent depressive symptoms. Changes in adolescent social media use and television use

Gender dysphoria is a “social contagion” spreading through peer pressure and propaganda, warns expert

No credible doctor would ever tell a “cutter” that her destructive habit of inflicting physical harm on herself is a normal part or her identity. Nor would a trustworthy physician ever tell a bulimic who purposely throws up her food