• Judge temporarily blocks new Arkansas anti-abortion laws

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Florida can require licenses for dietary advice, court rules

Florida can limit who gets to give dietary advice, a federal court ruled. The ruling came in a lawsuit filed by a health coach who was fined for practicing without a dietary license. Heather Del Castillo had argued Florida’s law

Dietary quality influences microbiome composition in human colonic mucosa

It is well established that diet influences health and disease, but the mechanisms underlying this effect are not fully understood. Shedding light on the diet-health connection, a team led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine reports today in The

Assessing the dietary profiles of adults with varying levels of organic food consumption

A study by scientists from various research institutes in France investigated the effects of organic food intake on the overall quality of a person’s diet. Their findings, which were published in the journal Public Health Nutrition, showed that adults who ate more