• Judge temporarily blocks new Arkansas anti-abortion laws

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Researchers develop novel vaccine that induces antibodies that contribute to protection

Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have developed a novel vaccine consisting of DNA and recombinant proteins?proteins composed of a portion of an HIV protein and another unrelated protein. This vaccine was tested in monkeys and

Adolescents who skip breakfast may develop obesity

A paper published in Scientific Reports describes how researchers affiliated with the University of São Paulo’s Medical School (FM-USP) in Brazil and colleagues at institutions in Europe evaluated behaviors leading to weight gain in adolescents. Childhood obesity can favor the

Scientists develop a physical biomarker for cornea restoration therapy

Our eyes—the windows to the soul—need constant care, and as we age, they sometimes also need significant repair. The panes of these windows—the corneas—are transparent tissues that have been the focus of some of the oldest and most common transplantation

New analytic model to better identify patients likely to develop PTSD

Arieh Shalev, M.D., the Barbara Wilson Professor of Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine, led an international research team that developed a new model to identify individuals most at risk for developing PTSD following a traumatic event. Credit: NYU Langone