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Defective potassium channels cause headache, not body pain

Defective potassium channels involved in pain detection can increase the chance of developing a headache and could be implicated in migraines, according to research in mice published in eNeuro. A type of potassium channel called TRESK is thought to control

Which body organs are most at risk during a heat wave?

In June 2019, much of Europe was struck by early heatwave, with temperatures reaching nearly 46 Centigrade (115 Fahrenheit) in France, an all-time record. A heat wave is characterized by extremely high temperatures over the course of several days and

Is your mouth poisoning your body? Studies show that people with toxic levels of mercury usually get it from their fillings

Based on studies by government agencies and medical researchers, people who have high levels of mercury usually obtain it from their dental amalgam fillings. Dental amalgam is a dental filling component that is used to fill cavities caused by tooth