• Judge temporarily blocks new Arkansas anti-abortion laws

SICK feminists celebrate abortion with LOVE symbols while glossing over the gruesome details of murdering an unborn baby

Perhaps the only thing more perversely grotesque than having brain-addled drag queens read LGBT propaganda to impressionable preschoolers at public libraries is having loudmouthed feminist airheads like “Shout Your Abortion” founder Amelia Bonow crudely brag about murdering unborn human life to middle school students.

In a shocking video clip that already has nearly a million views, Bonow is seen describing the gory details of one of her recent abortions to a group of underage children – of course using the most immature, “anti-scientific” language possible in order to do so.

Referring to abortion as a mere “procedure,” Bonow is seen callously describing this unspeakably violent and utterly inhumane act as “sucking out the pregnancy” using a “straw.” Bonow is seen further explaining that abortion is completely justified because women should not be forced to “create life” – even though life was already created, hence the need for an abortion in order to end it.

If that isn’t enough, Bonow went on to compare getting an abortion to “a crappy dentist appointment or something,” attempting to minimize its true severity before the innocent ears in the room that, for whatever reason, were forced to listen to her speak.

“It was just like, ‘Ah this is, like, a body thing that’s kind of uncomfortable,’ but then it was over and I felt, like, really grateful that I wasn’t pregnant anymore,” Bonow stated, stupidly.

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Smart young man calls out Bonow for being “reckless” by not closing her legs and not getting pregnant in the first place

At one point during this foolish feminist’s rant, one particularly sharp young man spoke up – as he should have – to call Bonow to task for being “reckless.” While he may not have previously known every gruesome detail about what abortion entails, he clearly understands that feckless “feminazi” blowhards like Bonow have always had the right to close their filthy legs and not get pregnant in the first place.

Not at all surprising was Bonow’s triggered frustration over being called out by someone much younger than her for her flagrant promiscuity, to which she responded like any mindless feminist would.

“Um, I mean, I don’t, I wouldn’t really say that I was being reckless,” Bonow bumbled about in response to the young man’s keen insight into the matter. “Mistakes happen, and, and, sometimes you just don’t do that in the moment. You know what I mean?”

“I don’t know,” the young man concisely responded, clearly distinguishing his own morality, honor and self-respect from Bonow’s gross immorality, dishonor and shame.

That anyone would take their children to see someone like Bonow spew verbal diarrhea in an attempt to promote a vicious and hateful act of violence against innocent human life is, in and of itself, beyond the pale. But at least someone was willing to speak up against this sickening display of pro-death propaganda.

What is it with feminists that they always feel the need to promote and celebrate death? Why is it that they’re somehow always unable or unwilling to avoid getting pregnant, but feel it’s their “right” to be able to terminate that unborn human life as a convenience to themselves? The answer is that feminists are evil, selfish monsters who, in reality, are really just trying to justify abortion to themselves.

“It is a generally reliable rule that if you are offering unsolicited justifications for a personal choice, it means you are far from confident in that choice,” comments Matt Walsh about the matter. “This explains why feminists are always justifying their abortions but parents rarely go around justifying their decision to have kids.”

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