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Left-wing lunacy invades the behavioral sciences as American Psychological Association labels masculinity “harmful”

Traditional masculinity was the driving force behind the exploration of the Americas. The grit and determination of traditional masculinity established the first thirteen colonies on the North American continent. The toughness and aggressiveness of traditional masculinity paved a path into the unknown, fought for independence, and established founding principles for the greatest country in the world.

Yet, in the 21st century, the American Psychological Association (APA) has defined traditional masculinity as “harmful.” The APA opened up 2019 with an article that reads, “Men socialized in this way are less likely to engage in healthy behaviors.” The article postulates, “The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful.”

The rule makers and behavioral science “experts” at the APA would fail to exist if it weren’t for the bold competitive nature that drove mankind to colonize North America and create the most prosperous and comfortable of societies. These APA intellectuals sit in heated corridors, with flick-of-the-switch lighting whilst the men of past centuries chopped firewood, skinned animals for food, and erected log shelters in a vast wilderness. Yet, limp-wristed APA intellectuals believe that mental health professionals should teach young men and boys that masculine behaviors and traits are on par with a mental disorder. It’s this kind of thinking that further suppresses man’s potential in modern society.

New rules for psychologists promote the feminization of men, suppress masculine potential

In order to cooperate in modern society, men are discouraged from competing, discouraged from striving to make themselves better, discouraged from becoming stronger, more independent, and more resilient people. The public school system chokes the life out of young boys from the start. Educational institutions now chastise masculinity and promote “gender fluidity,” a concept that promotes the feminization of men.

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One of the authors of the new men’s guidelines, Ryon McDermott, Ph.D. asks the question, “What is gender in the 2010s?” The psychologist at the University of South Alabama says gender is “no longer just this male-female binary.” McDermott believes that boys should no longer feel pressure to meet the expectations of past masculine norms and should be free to identify as bisexual, gay, or transgender without question. The new guidelines instruct mental health professionals to look for and eliminate “dominant masculine ideals” and to identify “male privilege” and “male power” as harmful behaviors that trap men in “narrow roles.” (Related: However you “identify” there are only two types of brains: male and female.)

The guidelines instruct mental health professionals to fight “against homophobia, transphobia” but the guidelines openly discriminate against the innate masculine qualities of being male. No organization of limp-wristed psychologists should be dictating what healthy masculinity is and what it is not. Males should feel free to express themselves however they desire, but discouraging bold masculine traits and suppressing men from being all they can be is no way to help boys and young men. Young men should never be told to poison themselves with feminizing synthetic hormones that cause cancer and suppress their testosterone and innate purpose. This is child abuse and medical malpractice. The AMA is discouraging men from engaging in behaviors that are inherent to being a man. Traits such as decisiveness, commitment, courage, hard work, winning, and strong leadership should be freely expressed by men. Men should step up and open doors for women. More men should be masculine, step up and take the wheel. Men should feel free to compete, to be the best at what they do. They shouldn’t be ashamed for winning, dominating, and pushing one another to new heights. Men should desire respect, not to be coddled as submissive, superfluous pawns.

The American Psychological Association is harming the mental health of men by shaming their innate masculinity. Psychologists must rebuke left-wing lunacy and encourage men to be independent, kind, and unashamed to let their testosterone work to its advantage, to carry out the purpose of the individual male.

For more about how society is trying to redefine the genders, visit Gender.News.

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